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It's much more likely that your fermentation is done, not stalled. That temp is not high enough to hurt the yeast, but it is high enough to make the fermentation go very quickly. Given that and your current gravity reading, it's \done and you can bottle.


The other answers here are spot on. I have one thing to add. Danstar Nottingham can be a freaky fast fermenter. A two day ferment is not out of the question for this strain. It might just be done. I always have Nottingham on hand in case some other strain gets stuck. That stuff is one beast of a yeast.


There could be a leak somewhere that allows the CO2 to escape. I have a pale and a speciality that is fermenting next to each other; the speciality sounds like a machine gun and the pale has barely made a bubble. I had the same thoughts as you, but I simply opened the fermenter and saw a nice krausen on the beer, so I am happy, but now I know that I have a ...


Bubbles are an inaccurate way to gauge fermentation. Can you see if the beer is fermenting? Have you taken a gravity reading? It's also possible that the temp was on the high side, fermentation finished quickly and you missed it. Look for physical signs. And in homebrewing you can almost never go wrong by just waiting longer.

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