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I have largely found the "miracle" of champagne yeast to be a myth. It hasn't worked well for me. The failings of pitching dried champagne yeast is primarily due to two things. First, champagne yeast prefers to ferment the simpler sugars found in grape must. A stuck ferment in a malt based wort generally has a higher ration of complex sugars to the simple ...


Fortunately dry yeast has matured past the aerobic stage for dehydration and packaging. You will be ok to transfer to a fermenter and try a repitch of dry yeast with out oxygen. This will limit cell reproduction but you shouldn't need a large colony to finish the fermentaion. I would try a single pack of an ale yeast first, as champaign yeast will consume ...


As they have concluded, airlock was giving a false positive for non fermination. Review No airlock action. Causes: dry airlock, no c02 generation, bad fermentor seal. Visual pictures go a long way, since you did open the fermentor ( not recomended) a pic may have let a member identify krausen line, and confirm fermentaion.


If you're using a malt extract then there isn't really much you can do to make an unfermentable wort. Warm it up, it will start fermenting. It helps to have one of those stick on thermometers on the side of your fermentation vessle.

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