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This link provides a collection of off flavors. Among them you'll find the yeasty flavor mentioned by Pepi. This once happened to me, but the problem I had was the "undesirable “hot” sensation in the throat", caused by higher alcohols. Nice that your beer tasted good.


I have left beer in primary for over a month due to travel, etc. to no ill effects (assuming proper sanitation - problems will be more apparent given more time to infect). The only issue you may have is while the since the yeast flocculates and can be clearer, much of it will drop out of the wort into the trub. If you are bottle priming, this can cause ...


An extra month of aging isn't a problem for a beer with healthy yeast stored at an appropriate temperature. It might have been better if it was already bottled, but your yeast have had extra time to eat up residual sugars that tend to make home brew a little heavy, and the yeast should have flocculated more giving a cleaner, clearer beer. The potential ...

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