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Stouts from a kit are usually better than other styles of beer since the kit cannot contain any hop aroma, or flavor, and a Stout is fine without either of these. First, to get the best out of any beer, you want to be sure your brewing practices are up to par: pay attention to sanitation - anything touching cold beer or unboiled wort should be made ...


You can't make something taste better if you do not know what it tastes like. Brew the beer as you have it. Taste it, determine what it needs, then re-brew the beer with new changes.


Well it sounds like you are brewing a Stout from a kit ('out the box Stout'). You can certainly sub certain ingredients per se depending on the kit. I'd say the key is to pay attention to fermentation and temperature control. That means pitching the proper amount of healthy yeast and ferment it in a location where the temp doesn't fluctuate too much. ...

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