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The answer from White Labs is kinda misleading. There really aren't discreet phases like that. The Crabtree Effect saya that in the presence of a >.05% glucose solution, fermentation will begin immediately. Carapils does have fermentable sugars,although not to as great a degree as other malts. You could use carapils for a starter, although it may not be ...


After further thought, I suppose the yeast would require "fermentable" sugars to power the growth phase so a highly dextrinous wort wouldn't work.


Turns out that, at least in my case, freezing the dry yeast is actually a bad idea. I made an experiment last night and I put two sachets of ICV D-47 in the freezer and two sachets in the fridge. This morning I took both of them out and let them warm up in the room. I used the same activating mixture I've always used (some must + some nutrients) and split ...

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