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I think that the pot is beyond redemption, unless you want to put many, many hours of labor into the project. Even with a powered buffer you are still looking at a couple of days labor. What is your time worth? Getting into where the side joins the bottom is going to be a special PITA. I would say scrap it or use it for a flower pot. In the future, if I ...


If that was my kettle I would go with various grades of abrasive, in whatever form (powdered might also work), in progressively finer grades. Then, if the results looked halfway promising, I would use polishing compound and some sort of power buffing arrangement to put a mirror finish on the interior at least, or as close to a mirror finish as I could manage ...


Do you know what grade the material was? I believe this would be grade 202 or 304 as these cannot withstand lot of heat. I would suggest you should not use this material as now the pot can get rusted and this may lead to problems later on. Your best bet would be to try getting another pot instead because health concerns. < link removed >

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