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Their are 3 ways to do do this that will yield good results: Cold brew the tea and add it to primary or secondary Add the Rooibos during flame-out Add the Rooibos to the boil We highly suggest the first method, as this will preserve most of the distinct aroma and flavor you mentioned. If brewing a 5 gallon batch of beer, we suggest the addition of 1/2 ...


If you're scaling everything else linearly, you want to do the same with the orange peel, too.


My advice to you is just to experiment and have fun with it. For spices, add them to the primary or late in the boil along with your finishing hops. If you want a "pumpkin spice" ale, check the spices in your favorite pie recipe and note the proportions of spice used. For your largest-dose spice, don't use more than 1 tbl per 5 gallons (less is safer, but ...


Haven't done anything with cinnamon, but have used a high quality vanilla extract (only alcohol extract, no sugars). I use some right at the end of the boil and another infusion in the secondary. I've had good luck with it and with the high alcohol nature, I didn't experience any issues putting it in the secondary. Keep in mind a little goes a long way. If ...

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