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Sounds like it finished off good. You say it's in secondary now, it may go a few points lower. But If it's done at 1.010 that's great imo. Its actually hard to get it to stop there as they do usually drive really low 0.990 is common. But those make for really dry and tart ciders, I usually back sweeten to make them to taste good. If backsweetening isn't ...


Corn sugar will add a bit of alcohol, which will affect your reading. That is my guess as to why the FG in the bottle is lower.


Seeing how its puree >90% of it will be accessible to the yeast. Whether it all can be fermentable is a different question due to yeast health and the types of sugar (mostly fructose likely) in the fruit/puree. As for the change in gravity its not going to be significant. 1 lb of table sugar in one gallon would be ~1.046SG 190grams is about 42% of a pound. ...


Double check all your gravity readings and measurements of priming sugar, considering temperatures. The SG's you noted could be off If temperature wasn't factored in the hydrometer readings. The over carbonation would suggest an overdose of priming sugar, your 5gal batch at 68° would use only 3oz for 2.0 co2 volumes for example. Or the bottle conditioning ...

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