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For a partial mash (malt extract plus specialty grains), do not boil the grains. Put them in a large mesh/muslin bag and steep them in your brewpot at 155f for 30-45 minutes before adding your hops or extract. Boiling the grains would release harsh tannic flavors that you don't want.


To expand from Chris Dargis's comments, specialty grains are called that because they contribute more flavor than they do fermentable sugars. In extract and partial mash brewing (what you're looking at doing), the fermentable sugars come mostly from your extract, where the specialty grains supplement the beer by contributing other characteristics such as ...


Specialty grains need to be soaked in water at an optimal temperature for alpha amylase activity - 150-160F. Typically, 30 minutes is enough time for full flavor and sugar extraction. However, with specialty grains only, you aren't looking to get many fermentable sugars from the grains - only wort color and flavor. If you steep them in water hotter than ...

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