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You should be good with bottling as normal. I prefer mixing the sugar and beer in a bucket to even out the carbonation levels. After a year the brettanomyces has brought the gravity down very low so I wouldn't worry about bottle bombs. Also, if you pasteurize or sulfite the beer you are robbing yourself of the beer developing further complexities. If you are ...


Driftwood, here in Victoria, brews Bird of Prey and Lustrum as seasonal release, both sour ales. If you're in Vancouver, you might be able to find a bottle or two at a specialty private liquor store.


It is indeed not just lactobacillus, but usually a mix of lacto, pediococcus, enterobacter, acetobacter, Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, &c. There are a number of excellent US sour producers in that area, regionally, but from further afield that you should have distribution of. I believe very few are doing a traditional Guezue Lambic, but many are doing ...


Force carb using a carb cap and PET soda bottle. Step by step: Find the appropriate blend Scale your blending "recipe" up or down to meet your bottling needs Add this blend in a PET soda bottle Apply carb cap CO2 purge a couple times (apply little CO2, don't shake, let sit, open cap. repeat) Force carb by shaking (apply high CO2, shake, let sit, test. ...

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