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It is indeed not just lactobacillus, but usually a mix of lacto, pediococcus, enterobacter, acetobacter, Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, &c. There are a number of excellent US sour producers in that area, regionally, but from further afield that you should have distribution of. I believe very few are doing a traditional Guezue Lambic, but many are doing ...


Force carb using a carb cap and PET soda bottle. Step by step: Find the appropriate blend Scale your blending "recipe" up or down to meet your bottling needs Add this blend in a PET soda bottle Apply carb cap CO2 purge a couple times (apply little CO2, don't shake, let sit, open cap. repeat) Force carb by shaking (apply high CO2, shake, let sit, test. ...

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