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1.5 gallon batch? You should fine. The higher grain to water ratio may result in a slightly high pH but you should still be well in the range for enzymes to do their work.


Here are a few recipes that you can look at for help:


Under German purity law any beer labeled Weiss or Weizen must be at least 50% malted wheat in its grain bill. That it purely trivial for a homebrewer, do what your palate likes. Along with jsled, there's nothing like milling your grain on brewday to add to the experience, but a mill does have a pretty big initial investment. ($200 us) Try to find a Local ...


It's basically as straightforward as you think. Weissbier/weizen recipes vary, but you're looking at 40-60% wheat malt, with the balance being mostly pilsner or pale/2-row malt, maybe a touch of carapils for residual sugars/body. The biggest thing to note is that crushed grain as a much more limited lifetime than whole grain that you crush on demand. But ...

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