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Screw ons are important for maintaining the moisture content. Stoppers can pop off accidentally and ruin the culture. Regarding sanitation, its easiest to just purchase individually packaged sterile tubes. I'd suggest looking at VWR scientific or Fisher Scientific. Petri dishes are for a different part of the process over slants. So, no IMO.


Seeing how you'd be scaling up quite a bit from a slant to a solid starter culture, I am not sure it would really matter whether you take it from a bottle or from a primary yeast cake. Personally, I think the better idea is to streak out a plate first. Reason being is because if you pick up some bacteria or other microbe from the carboy/bottle, you'll be ...


I'd use the yeast from the fermentor, as it's going to be the healthiest yeast. Make sure your fermentation is complete first, so you get a good cross-section of early and late flocculators. The yeast in the bottles will largely consist of the least flocculant cells. Of course, if you're just saving yeast from beer that you're brewing, you could make ...

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