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My routine is to dry hop in that primary towards the end of fermentation. At fermentation temperatures. Then I rack to a keg (or a secondary in your case) to add my gelatin. But there is no "aging". Its an IPA. I want it to go from fermenation to dry hop to serving as quickly as I can.


I've always done finings after all fermentation addition schedules have completed. Most finings work best during or after cold crash. You want your hops to be warm and suspended for their dry hop duration for best results.


For taste and aroma, 4 to 7 days of dry hopping are optimal. For clarity I prefer to give isinglass 7 to 14 days. Probably it's the same with gelatin, these are similar. Thus, I obviously add gelatin first, hops second. One more thing. If you want to rack to secondary, strongly consider adding gelatin after racking. I guess you will be using another bucket ...

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