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With that OG and mash temp it will have a lot of fermentables, that OG really goes into Wee Heavy and English Barley Wine territory. The wine yeast sounds like it's to finish out the few remaining gravity points and for natural carbonation using a 2 bar air lock on the barrel. Update: The additions of the wine yeast are to insure a good FG and added ...


This would work but it is not safe. As all brewers should know ALL equipment needs to be clean and sanitized. It would be hard to clean and sanitize a plastic bad so therefore it is not safe. Although I have never tried this before that is the biggest problem I can see. The second problem is that it is very very wasteful.


Or, use a carboy as stated in the original post. Anytime I have beer sitting for more than 2-3 wks, I use a glass carboy. buckets are for primary and quick turn arounds. sealing in a bag will restrict CO2 off-gassing. Airlocks are designed to let air out and keep air out. the bag will restrict one side of this equation.


Oxygen in beer has to do with shelf life. A small amount of headspace is not going to effect the beer short term. I have secondary fermented plenty of 5 gallon batches in a 6.5 gallon fermenter with great results. I personally wouldn't go through the trouble of a bag liner especially if you are going to drink the beer within a couple months.

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