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You absolutely should have an airlock on your barrel. This allows fermentation to continue (fermentation halts under enough pressure). You will want to check the taste every month at minimum to see if it's too oaky. New barrels (barrels not previously used for whiskey or wine or anything) will impart much more oak flavor into your brew, so make sure you ...


Supposedly WY3724/WLP565 (aka Dupont) is a wine yeast that evolved over time to work in a brewery application (Dupont's brewery). This would explain why it can work at higher temps than most brewer's yeasts without producing fusel alcohols and excessive phenols/esters. With respect to it stalling, another characteristic of wine yeasts is that many of ...


As noted in the comments, WYeast 3724 is well known for stalling/slowing down at around 1.035. I've used this yeast in the past, and it will eventually achieve over 80% apparent attenuation. I used a brew belt to heat the beer, and wrapped the carboy in blankets to insulate it. This brought the temperature up to the mid 80's F. It took a few weeks to finish ...


Also consider if you are bottling. Wouldn't you need the temperature to be high enough for the yeast to do its thing to carbonate the beer? I’m going through this right now with a colder secondary and I had to use a fish tank heater to keep it around 65 and I’m planning on making sure my beer is at least 65 before I bottle it.

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