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in my latest homebrew i put a jar of horlicks, (added to boiling water to make about a litre of thick syrup. a kg of brewers sugar, a jar of honey, and a jar of black treacle as well as a tin of the newkie brown ale home brew from wilko. i will let you know how it turns out


In order for the yeast to be of much help to you, you want the beer to stay in the primary vessel. If you are looking for the beer to clear from a visibility standpoint, you can start lowering the temp in the primary as well. Moving to a secondary to do this is largely unnecessary. But if you were really concerned you could move it off the yeast cake for ...


There is always plenty of yeast in suspension unless one did an extended cold store in secondary. Fermentis S04 is a pretty reliable yeast. I wouldn't add more priming sugar yet. I'd make sure the keg is warm enough and give it more time. Fermentis S04 is a pretty reliable yeast, but it can be finicky to dropping temps and alcohol. 5 days is a little ...

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