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For the vanilla, make a tincture of extract by taking 1 to 2 onces of vodka then split and scrape the insides of the vanilla and place it int the vodka. Let it sit a week or 2 before throwing in. I like to do this on brew day then I pour the extract in the secondary after I rack. For the cinnamon sticks I boil 1 to 1.25 onces for 60 minutes. I've read this ...


11/12/2014 - My IPA is doing the exact thing right now. Temperature never got above 75. I took another SG test to make sure its done fermenting and to my surprise it was not. I'm guessing the extra finishing hops kicked off the yeast again. I'm a little afraid to bottle it as it's still giving off co2 and my break bottles. With that said the ale still ...

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