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I have taken apart several sanke kegs to turn them into kettles. I have used a hammer and a screwdriver most of the time. There is zero danger of the ball shooting out. And if it did the spring in there isn't that strong. Your friends are outright wrong.


Humming is normal, dont worry about that. Nearly everything hums on my 6 tap sanke system. Its just how the gas get squeezed through manifolds, valve, and seals. On to the second question. There are a few things that could cause this. I am going to assume the kegs are 2 different styles of beer from the same brewery, not just 2 kegs of the same beer. I ...


The only danger I have heard of, is when the whole key under pressure is placed into the a bonn-fire. The keg will blow up, but you won't have to worry much about the ball inside, as the shrapnel will have most likely already hit you.

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