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I've brewed for years without starsan. Bleach, as mentioned in the above link, is good for fermenters and bottles. Extra contact time (a few hours if possible) doesn't hurt. Keep away from metals, especially copper. Rinse away with boiled water. High concentrations are still my favorite for dissolving a mold colony in a hurry. Boiling: good for small ...


Short answer: Probably no problem. Chemical sanitizers will react with / be neutralized by all the organic material in the wort, leaving the yeast undamaged. But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll want the end result of that reaction in your beer. tl;dr Bleach is effective, and can work very quickly in a high concentrations*, but you'll want to rinse ...


I use gin as it is fine to drink if you accidentally suck it back through the airlock.


I've never encountered Steramine before. According the the manufacturer's safety data sheet, it's harmful if swallowed. The Wikipedia article on the active ingredient, quaternary ammonium cations, states that ingestion can cause irritation of the stomach lining. It's possible that given the dilution of the Stermine in the beer, it's effectively harmless, ...

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