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I don't think it's a good idea, but might depend on product. You know why brown bottles are more popular than green or clear? Because light creates bad flavor and aroma in most beers. In my country it's known as skunks aroma. Strong UV lamp will do the same, only much faster. As far as I know, wine doesn't like light either. But I believe there might be some ...


"clean" "sanitize" "sterilize" are all terms used by the FDA. the comments explaining the relative log level of effectiveness are spot on: sanitize: log 5 ~ 99.999 effectiveness is all that is required for any food manufacturing (ie: brewery) or food service establishment (ie: restaurant)


Will this small amount of iodophor liquid affect taste? Not if it was properly diluted Should I rinse with hot water before using? Arguably, your materials will be less sanitized if you do. If you really want to rinse, use pre-boiled water. The best option is to properly dilute your sanitizer and don't rinse. With Iodophor Its major ...


The answer really is quite simple, if the water dries and leaves salts behind, does it really affect anything to wait until dry? The short answer is no, usually not. The salts are there whether it's dried or not in the same quantity. The longer answer is maybe, but letting it dry the sanitizer concentrates thus killing anything residual that might survive ...


I never have any problems with this regimen: clean after use, sanitize before use. Cleaning means removing all visible contents from the tubing. Usually running some water through suffices, sometimes I need B-Brite or something. Whatever happens, getting dried gunk out of tubes is a bitch. Sanitizing means actually murdering all the little abominations, ...


I do 2 things to dry the tubes: first, the cowboy: get outside, hold one end of the tube, and swing it around like a lasso so that the liquid gets out. Since that doesn't get every last drop out, here's the second: Push the tube into an indoor A/C ceiling vent, so that it hangs and the air from A/C or heating blows through it. Let it hang over night.


I always just rinse it out after i clean it... no problems


Assuming you followed the part of the instructions about diluting it first, you're fine. If you didn't dilute it first you're still fine if you don't want to rinse, but in that case I would rinse with the diluted solution to avoid the chance of off flavors.


I've actually read in forums that it's safe to drink. The foam is nothing to be afraid of. no need to rinse.

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