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I have never worked with VWP. But it appears to be a chlorine based agent. Chlorine based agents lose their potency quickly after dilution (regardless of solution clarity or pH). In general, there is no added advantage to keep your brewing hardware in a solution until the next brew cycle. I'd recommend making a fresh solution each brew day. If you ...


The rule of thumb is as long as the Sanitizer is clear and not cloudy you will be fine. A rinse of the spoon should be fine.


Yes you can. I have a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayd9AKN8-R0 K-meta, i.e. potassium metabisulfate, is fine not to rinse after using, however I personally would still rinse most equipment but not bother with bottles or fermentors (I would rinse something I was going to drink within 24 hours).


I don't know why people recommend against using airlocks. When the wort is fermenting, there is a positive pressure of CO2 OUT of the vessel. Oxygen can't get in anyway because of the positive pressure in the flask, so tin foil and foam stoppers aren't doing what they are purported to do anyway.

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