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A little Starsan or bleach in the septic tank won't do any damage, provided it's in limited amounts (ie, don't pour a whole jug of bleach down the toilet...) I do avoid putting the spent hops and grain down the toilet however. Excess solid material going into a septic system will eventually build up, either in the tank (needs to be pumped) or in your septic ...


Use any sanitizer you like...in the amounts you use it won't hurt the septic system. Thfink about the hundreds of gallons of your septic tank vs. an oz. or so of sanitizer. I've brewed 455 batches, and I've sent the sanitizer from every one into my septic system with no ill effects.


To use your template as a guide, here is how I handle each step. For the most part, "cleaning" is important prior to the boil, "sanitizing" is important for all post boil processes with the wort. For sanitizing, keep a pre-filled bucket of Star-San solution on hand. You can reuse Star-San as long as the ph remains at the correct level. UNIT CLEANING Brew ...


You don't need to do 90% of that. Surfaces need to be clean of matter before they can be sanitized. Things that are visibly dirty should be cleaned, but you don't need to – for example – scrub and soak your brew kettle before you use it … anything you add to it is going to be boiled, which will kill everything. The same goes for your rinsing bowl and ...

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