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No matter what the gravity reads, that beer is done. What was the OG? Was it an extract batch? I doubt repitching will make any difference.


I would start by just swirling the carboy so that the yeast bed breaks up. Leave it for a few days and take another reading. It there is no or little change, then do as Pepi says; make a starter and re-pitch to the same fermenter.


I'd pop the lid to let in some air, then reattach the lid and give fermenter a good shake, to stir things up, wait a day to see if it kicks off again, if not as pepi suggests use a starter.


There's no reason to dump a beer that isn't contaminated. After 1.5 weeks and a trip to 80F, the beer should be done fermenting. And warm temps late in fermentation have little impact on flavor. You can try stirring up the yeast, but a re-pitch of active yeast is probably worth doing. If you can make a starter that would really help, since the partly ...

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