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No worries. This is exactly the point of a blow-off tube: to blow-off excess fermentation products (krausen and wort trapped in the bubbles) in a controlled, "sanitary" way. There's basically no contamination risk. Swap out the contents of the blowoff container if it gets too nasty, starts attracting fruit flies, &c. But leave the blow-off tube in place ...


40 degrees is quite a bit lower than the bottom range for your yeast. I'd expect that they've gone pretty much inactive. But don't worry! All you need to do to reactivate them is to warm your brew back up to the optimal temperature and provide some gentle agitation. Be careful not to splash! As fermentation has already stated, you don't want to add any ...


If it's American-style (American Amber Ale can be red), then dry hopping isn't a bad idea, as patbrew suggested. On the other hand, if it's a malt-forward Irish-style red ale, some raspberry could be pretty good in there. You can use raspberry flavoring from the HBS, or you can use raspberry liqueur, or you can even use raspberry preserves (look for ...


You can always dry hop. Dry hopping is when you simply add hops to the carboy during the secondary fermentation 3-4 days prior to bottling/carbonating. It doesn't add much in terms of flavor, but is meant to add to the hoppy aroma of your brew. I've always been told to use hops of lower alpha acid content as these typically add more to the aroma anyhow, ...


There are two that come to mind. The first is Jamil's Evil Twin, which is available in his book Brewing Classic Styles. The second one is Fire in the Hole, available in both extract and all-grain versions from Morebeer.com. I've brewed it, and found it to be very close to Lagunitas' Imperial Red, Pizza Port's Shark Attack, and Pike's Tandem Double -- all ...


I like to split out a five gallon batch into one gallon jugs for experimenting. That way you could try dry hopping using different amounts and hop types in a couple and try out other flavors in the rest. When I do this I like to leave at least a gallon untouched to compare to the new flavored ideas. +1 for branching out and trying something new!


You could try adding ginger tea. I had really good results with ginger in an ESB.

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