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I use Brewtarget, which has a scale feature, which works up or down. I use to scale down 5 gal batches down to 1 gal. It is also open source(free), and works on linux or Windows.....I have both and use drop box to sync the databases.


Brewtoad allows you to set the batch size when you're creating or editing recipes. It's not the greatest set of tools, and I find it lacking when it comes to its utility on brewday. With that said it's a decent tool for making and storing recipes, and it's free.


If you're scaling everything else linearly, you want to do the same with the orange peel, too.


Forget the calculators...it's easier to do it empirically. And a couple of misconceptions...you don't necessarily need to boil pils malt for 90 min. I never do more than 70 (10 min, for hot break, then 60 after that) and have no problems. Also, figuring boil off in % is not accurate. You don't boil off twice as much for a 10 gal. batch as a 5 gal. batch. ...

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