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I would look at your water profile. This could be a very big factor in the flavor changes that occur in your beer over time. You might want to try using distilled or spring water, if you are not already. You can also try a british ale water profile from the example on the first post of this thread: ...


I disagree it's perception. I have had similar issues with some beers that they are wonderful for a couple of weeks then go downhill. I'm focusing on either contamination or oxidation. I find the issue is less apparent if I prime in the keg with sugar. And I have also had it happen with one keg of 2 of a 14% beer - one keg is still pristine while the other ...


Since we can't taste your beer we all just have to guess. I've never noticed it happening in my beers. I think there's a good likelihood it's an issue of your perception.

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