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Keep in mind that Vienna malt needs to be mashed. Although if you steep it for 45-60 min. at about 150F, that will be pretty much the same as mashing. Also, amber extract will have crystal and other malts already added to it. I'd recommend using the lightest extract you can find, preferably dry, then add your own specialty malts.


There's no right or wrong here, but it struck me that this recipe will produce a relatively dark wort for an IPA, and your results might be a bit more on the malty side than most IPAs tend to be. If that's what you're going for, great! Otherwise, you might consider replacing the amber extracts with pale versions. Also, is there a good reason to use both ...


I'd get rid of everything where you don't know why it's in the recipe. As a beginning brewer, I try to keep my ingredients to a bare minimum (1 lme/dme, 1 steeping grain, 1 hop, 1 yeast) when making my own recipes (ok, I made a triple-hop ale but the hops I stole from Duvel so that doesn't count). Also, I "develop" my recipes on a site with a built-in ...

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