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This will give you the IBU and ABV you are looking for. To get the mouth feel you will have to play around with mash-in temps to try get the right proportions of un-fermentable sugars out. 4.5 kg 10lb Pale 2-Row (UK) Any Mash 38 2 °L 0.45 kg 1lb Chocolate (US) Any Mash 29 350 °L 0.45 kg 1lb Caramel/Crystal 60L ...


As a Scotsman and a professional brewer the answer to how much peated malt to put in a Scotch Ale is zero. The smoked malt beers I first came across were German never Scottish. In Scottish breweries we used to pay special attention to testing for any peated malt contamination of our malt deliveries because so much peated malt could accidently come into ...

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