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For BJCP Info, I use BJCP 2015 Beersmith (lite or full) is a good tool (but I tend to do everything on the PC, so I do not use the app that much). The app allows for recipe formulation, logs and timers. Brew Timer is a life saver for letting you know when to do what. Easy to configure. The pre-warning function is one of the best features. Lastly, CvPad, ...


On my phone the only 3 beer-related apps I have installed are: Jomebrew Beer Stats and Conversions I grabbed this primarily to convert Brix to SG because my refractometer is in Brix. The interface isn't great, but its a quick simple app for doing some basic conversions. It will also take OG and SG and give you ABV and attenuation. It also does have a timer ...

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