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Two months isn't all that long. Some beer styles are routinely aged for that long or even longer. You might need to add a little fresh yeast to ensure good carbonation. Other than that, you should be good to go.


This is a completely normal blow-off fermentation in a carboy. The krausen (in any ferment) will eventually subside and fall into the beer. As the krausen was pushed into the neck and walls of the carboy, some of it stuck to the sides. You don't need to transfer it. It generally won't fall off on its own, and you'll need to clean it off/out once you've ...


The smell of apples is totally normal in beer fermentation. The chemical compound acetaldehyde gives the characteristic green-apple flavor and aroma. It's an intermediate in the synthesis of ethanol from glucose by yeast. Usually warm conditioning is enough to reduce levels to below flavor threshold. Factors like not pitching enough yeast or not ...


The short answer is that happy and healthy yeast are a critical component to reaching your target S.G. Of course, this all begins with where your O.G. is based on your grain bill and mash temperatures. Your S.G. will be determined by the complexity of the sugars that made it to your fermenter, based on the mash schedule used. A slow ramping up of ...

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