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No, you could not use 5-liter mini-kegs for a pressurized fermentation UNLESS you could replace the top bung with something like a Spundling valve, or perhaps a cask-conditioning style bung with a shive, and then you would knock out the shive at the appropriate time with a porous spile that would allow excess gas to vent. I can't find the pressure rating ...


Yes, this is very possible and is basically how cask ale is made, minus the fact that cask ale does not allow extra CO2 to be injected to force a bit of carbonation and push the beer out without a pump -- which you can easily do with the CO2 injector of your mini keg. It is also exactly how the Beer Machine product works (I am not affiliated with them, ...


The regulator will give you a reading of the pressure inside the keg, but will not release the pressure the way a spunding valve would -- you'll have to do that manually.

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