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'because I'm still getting extremely foamy pours two and three pours from the first, I don't think heat is the major cause of these problems.' I think you're right. If your fridge really is 32 deg. the foaming might be an issue of over-carbonation. Fully saturated, beer at 32 deg/12 PSI will be carbonated to 2.9 volumes (if you're dispensing with pure CO2, ...


Just to be clear this is regarding steel or aluminium kegs... in the end they'll all fail at a high enough pressure but will they explode or will they leak first (not everything explodes)? In mechanics terms are they a thin walled or thick walled vessel. The thicker the wall is the stronger it could be but also longer the cracks are that can grow in it as ...


Just put a tool that fits this square hole and unscrew it counter clockwise (normal thread). A large enough flat screwdriver can be used between 2 corners, to. Inadequate tools could damage the plastic and make things more difficult. Find a good tool before you try.

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