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Like above, I've found corney kegs to be a great sealed aging container. Couple notes. I wouldn't allow any pressure in any glass carboy. Below is box from 6gal Italian glass carboy. ! PSI is pounds per square inch. Conditioning and secondary can easily make 2 bars, about 27psi. Because of the surface area a carboy would fail at a fraction of that. Plastic ...


That would be fine as long as the fermenter can handle some pressure. It might even improve your beer. But if you're traveling a relief valve is pretty much required (like a cornelius keg). Beer that appears to not be 'active' is still generating some CO2 - before the yeast are completely dead (which will take several months) they consume stored glycogen, ...


Just put a tool that fits this square hole and unscrew it counter clockwise (normal thread). A large enough flat screwdriver can be used between 2 corners, to. Inadequate tools could damage the plastic and make things more difficult. Find a good tool before you try.

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