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I would leave this alone (mostly). There are no red-flags in the water report. Bicarbonate and alkalinity are moderately well suited for a stout. If you want to tip the sulfate / chloride ratio toward malty you only need 1.5 to 2 grams of CaCl to do it. (Do you have a scale sensitive enough?) Put this in at the beginning of the boil.


Firstly I am assuming that the figures you give are metric (which they probably aren't) ie mg per litre and so you will have to convert if not. secondly the target water profile is just a suggestion, the formulae allow you to get to any profile you decide to use. General target water profile for stout: Ca100 bicarbonate 100-200 cl 300 so4 100. therefore. ...


Why do you want to balance the Bicarbonate? Most things I've read say that a very alkaline water is great for darker beers. Here's one source (of many): http://www.howtobrew.com/section3/chapter15-2.html

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