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I've been researching a microscope for the same purposes - counting yeast cells, determining viability and helping my children see the unseen. For counting yeast cells and checking bacterial contamination, 400x is fine, but for enjoying with your kids some of the prepared slides that are available, you'll need more power - 800x or more. I went for this ...


A missing piece of information is how much you're pitching into. If beersmith is saying you need 160 billion, then you're probably pitiching into about 20 litres (5.7 gallons). Yes you could make a starter tonight and you'd be perfect for pitching on Sunday. Typically a starter needs 24-36 hours for the yeast to reproduce. According to Jamil's yeast ...


From Yeast (White & Zainasheff): Microscope with 400X minimum magnification for counting yeast. You want built-in illumination, adjustable condenser with aderture diaphragm control, mechanical stage, and binocular eyepiece. Without x/y mechanical stgae controls, it is nearly impossibel to count cells. While a phase contrast microscope may be ...


Try the tab that says "repitching from slurry" and it will show the volume of (packed) yeast that calculated. It will be much less than the volume shown on the first tab, which seems to be the 2.75L you referred to above.

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