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Too soon. Don't sweat it. I bet it will lighten up as it ferments and yeast and trub drop.


Yes, the process sounds reasonable, at least to an extent. The purpose of storing them at room temp is to allow refermentation to create carbonation. Then, ideally, you would keep them at 32-35 for two months to allow the beer to lager and the flavor to smooth out. An even better course of action would be to transfer to a secondary, keep that at 32-35 for ...


@nhunsaker this sounds pretty standard to me. Most instructions on a beer kit will get you to prime the bottles with sugar for carbonation, then to store them in a warmer place so the carbonation process can start to take place. Then you are told to leave the bottles for two weeks in a cooler place. After that you can put them in the fridge then drink ...


I was brewing a Pale Ale. When I was putting it in a carboy, it had red-brown color. After 3 weeks it became pale. So, it will become lighter with time. Just let your yeast do the job.

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