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If using a carboy as a fermenter, simply use sanitized foil over the top and neck. I've done this for years for ales and lagers with no ill effects.


The temperatures at which you cold crash are generally inhibitive of yeast working (unless you're lagering, that is). On that note, I have had issues before when letting the beer clear at around 15 degrees celsius (59 f) outside of refrigeration, and noticing extra co2 being produced after primary. In this case you'd definitely be better off with an ...


There's no need for an airlock. By the time you get to cold crashing, fermentation is done so the need for an airlock is gone. I seal the fermenter using a solid stopper before cold crashing.


First of all, once you remove the trub bulb, there is no need to add another one. If you don't add another trub bulb and open the valve, how are you getting your "glub"? The idea is, attach the bulb before you rack in your wort and pitch yeast, transfer the wort and open the valve (that way your hand is on the valve and you can verify that nothing is ...

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