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I would pay close attention to the temperature at which you took the hydrometer reading. Hot wort can throw off a reading. Also as other posters have suggested, a quick stir before a hydrometer reading can make a huge difference.


I've had this same thing happen to me before. My pre-boil gravity was one thing and the post boil gravity was actually LESS than the pre-boil. I do all grain and I've found this happens if I take my pre-boil gravity after collecting my wort WITHOUT stirring the wort in the kettle. What happens in my case is that my first runnings sit in the bottom of the ...


My guess is that you took your gravity readings with a refractometer? Refractometer measurements are very sensitive to extra drops of water that stick around in your pipette or on the refractometer itself. For instance, lets say you pull 4 drops of wort into a pipette that has one drop of water, your reading will be off by 20%! Good practice for gravity ...

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