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One other possibility...did you do a partial boil and top off in the fermenter?


Sounds like you didn't get much saccarification (sugars coverted from starch) in the mash. Causes. 1: poor crush on the grain 2: low diastatic power 3: high water grist ratio 4: mash not long enough Edit: just did the C/F conversions. At 169.7°F your mash was too hot and you denatured your enzymes, causing low diastatic power and giving little ...


Possible: 1- Did you properly crash the grains? 2- What was the temperature when mashing? Edit.. GrainWater mixture must stay between 63-68 C for 1 hour. For Bag method same applies. 73 C strike water is required. Perhaps 76.5 C is too high to release enzymes. Perhaps you added too much water. And perhaps 45 minutes should be 1 hour.


As others said yes you can boost the OG. More importantly you need to address why the gravity was missed by a large margin. Here's a couple thoughts considering it sounds like a Belgian double or strong. Did you forget the Belgian candy sugar? Did your grain have the diastatic power for the mash? IE too much Crystal / roasted malts, very high water grist ...


You can use an extract gravity calculator like this one to help you figure out how much extract you'll need. Since these calculators are normally for the total gravity of an extract brew, you need to cheat slightly. Gravity is essentially additive, so drop off the 1s (the ...


Really quick answer, yes you can. Check exactly how much you need.

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