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If you have some dry malt extract (or liquid), you can get the gravity to where you want it now. It's not too late to add the DME, even though it's already in the fermenter. About 1 pound of DME should get you up to about 1.045, which should give you a roughly 5% abv beer.


You say your boil was weak, and you didn't stir much. Extracts are hard to dissolve properly. Even vigorous boil without stirring may fail to do it. And 10-20 minutes of vigorous stir before wort boils may be barely enough. And it gets worse the less water you have in boil, so partial boil brews are most exposed to this risk. Sugars are heavier than water, ...


I doubt a weak boil would alter your OG post-topoff. Do you know what the OG was supposed to be? 1.037 is on the lower end for a recipe, but not that uncommon.

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