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My experience with mead is that you should wait. What I do personnally is I bottle (I use twist-cap bottles which are not really air-tight), wait a few months and then siphon again to clean bottles, leaving just a bit more dead yeast at the bottom. My mead usually becomes really clear after about 8 months, and stops tasting yeasty at the same time. It's ...


My plan of action is to test 11 fining agents: Albumex Bentonite Bentonite Biofine Clear Canaton Bentonite Caseine Soluble Colle Perle Cristalline Plus Inocolle Extra N1 Polycacel Polyclar VT Sparkolloid I plan to do 50-100ml samples in 100ml beakers. Most likely I will store them loosely covered in the fridge (I'm not too worried about oxidation in ...

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