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This sounds like it could be chlorophenols (typically perceived as plasticky / band-aids / medicinal / chemical flavors). If you're not using Chlorine-based sanitizers, this may have been caused by a wild yeast or bacterial infection. The fact that you also noted flocculation (cloudy) and carbonation issues is generally in line with the notion of an ...


My best guess is that your water, while standing overnight, contracted some sort of wild bacteria or yeast. In the future I'd purchase 5 gallon jugs of water at your local grocery store, and use those to brew. I've never had a problem. When I brewed with tap water (my first 2 batches), I did notice a bit of a chlorinated taste. Alternatively, your cask may ...


I do not recommend freeze concentrating this brew. To do so would be quite dangerous. Freeze concentrating is iffy at the best of times, even when concentrating something that has brewed clean. What it does is concentrate everything (except water). Distilling (properly) will remove unhealthy brewing by-products like methanol and other organic chemicals. ...


A cheesy smell usually means you have bacteria in your mash and they have access to oxygen. If this were a sour-mashed beer it would be considered a lost cause at this point. I don't know how this kit is supposed to work, but it's sounds like sanitation is the issue.

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