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I think the safest way to add hazelnut flavor to beer would be to use hazelnut extract. If you don't want to use pre-bought extract/syrup, you can make your own by chopping up the nuts, covering them with vodka (or another neutral spirit), leave it for a few days, strain off the vodka and add it to the fermenter after a couple of days of fermenting. If the ...


You want to be careful adding nuts as they are very fatty. Introduction of lipids in beer can cause a lot of problems. Using powders and/or extracts is recommended. You can introduce nuts during the boil however, but you'll need to skim the contents that float to the top during the process. Still I would avoid using actual nuts.


Too much oil from real nuts, IMO. I'd say to get some hazelbut extract and use that. You'll have to titrate it in a little at a time to get to where you want to be. Pour yourself 12oz and drop it in, mixing and stirring as you go. When the balance seems right do the math for how many 12oz there is in your whole batch , then add that many drops more to the ...


Seems about right to me. You could soak those in Frangelico if you wanted to go really uh "nuts."

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