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So, first things first, 1.130 is a pretty high starting gravity for some yeasts, and can cause some additional yeast stress, unless you are diligent with nutrients and your yeast is hearty enough to handle it. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a problem for D47, but its something to consider. The more work you expect the yeast to do, the more help you ...


If I had a beer dropping 0.002 per day, I wouldn't call it stuck, I'd call it "nowhere near ready to bottle". I don't make much mead, but I have had mead go about that slow and still finish dry. But it did take a while. Try adding more nutrients, that seems to be a standard procedure. And I think stirring up the yeast is an acceptable practice too.


Jail time. In the US home distillation is illegal. Unless you are making it for fuel in a vehicle in which case you just need to apply for a permit. However if you are looking to drink it then you are required to file paperwork and pay taxes. There are also rules on where you can distill. See the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau for penalties. And here ...

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