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No it wont. In fact it can break up yeast floculation and aid fermentation. There is risk of oxidation if much alcohol has been produced when it was shook. But the c02 in headspace should minimize it. I once fermented a 5 gal 1.086 apple wine to 0.992 in a couple days on a stirpate to completely deny the yeast floculation.


How much Fermaid-O do you need? The amount of required nutrient addition is based on your starting gravity. For an easier calculation convert to Brix and figure out your target mg of nitrogen per liter using the following as a starting point: 21°Bx = 200 mg N/L 23°Bx = 250 mg N/L 25°Bx = 300 mg N/L 27°Bx = 350 mg N/L 1g/gal of Fermaid-O = 50ppm (or mg) ...

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