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Do how do I know if it had hops in it? Im a beginner here and getting my first 20 # tomorrow and wanted to make doggy treats and mostly feed all my birds. First time getting spent corn. I go threw a lot of bird seed and wanted some cheaper ways to feed them? And people gave me the idea of spent corn


Many people use propane turkey fryer setups, consisting of a large propane burner and kettle. The kettle is usually around 6.5-7 gal. so it's barely big enough for a 5 gal. batch, but it works. I won awards for beer made with one. The kettles are often AL, but don't let that throw you. It's perfectly fine and safe.


This answer to a similar question might be enlightening. In the case of a decoction mash, the tannins are not very soluble due to the low pH. It's really a combination of high temperatures and high pH that lead to extraction of tannins from the grain husks. The same would apply to a cereal mash. The more important factor, though, is that you'd generally ...

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