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As others have said already youtube has a mass of informative videos but filtering them can be tricky. Herb Tarlek is right Northern Brewer is a good place to start and this video in particular is a good starter: Northern brewer Starter 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaDQ6S6p6Wk For more general brewing information and tutorials: Beer Geek Nation: ...


Herb Tarlek is right... there are tons of youTube channels and Northern Brewer's stuff is good. As to the matter of overcarbing some bottles and undercarbing others in the same batch: here's how to solve that... take 2 cups of water and add your priming sugar to it. Bring it to a boil and hold it there until the sugar is fully dissolved. Pour that into ...


have you checked out YouTube? There are thousands of them.. some good.. some not so good.


After looking at the pasteurization curve shown and seeing so many opinions I did some research as I wanted to know this answer. According to the chart, if you are conversion mashing at or above 150F/65C you have achieved pasteurization. Pasteurization is not sterilization which would be achieved at boiling for 10 min. Pasteurization goal is to reduce the ...

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