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Have you tried your local homebrew store?


If you want to build a mash tun with hardware store parts, you typically won't find stainless steel and your options will usually be limited to "plumbing" parts (copper/brass, garden hose fittings, etc). That doesn't mean you can't do it, but in my experience, it's about the same money (or more if you make some mistakes) and you end up with brass, especially ...


There are many online stores, which provide these types of components. Even so, I will personally suggest shanesstainless.com.au. It is a very well-known online store. You can get to order your desire component here.


There are many mail-order or online places to get these components, but local hardware stores will typically not have everything you need. There might be a specialty plumbing store near you or a Grainger Industrial Supply type store near you. If that does not work, you can order online from sites like bargainfittings.com or fittingsandadapters.com.

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