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Black malts usually contribute a roasty flavor and color enhancement. As far as I know, they shouldn't impart a fruity flavor. Caramel malts, on the other hand, do. Check your caramalts. Common flavor descriptions for roasted caramel malts between 80L and 120L are "raisin, plum, prunes, burnt sugar". See Castle Malting's Ch√Ęteau Special B or Briess's ...


what kind of hops and how much? You may need to increase the IBUs. Also, what is the extract made from? Check to make sure it is a 2-Row and not something with more malt backbone (i.e. Pilsner) You also may want to find a higher attenuation yeast strain.


The "malty" taste can come from burning the sugars in the beer. When you slowly pour in the LME, vigorously stir the boil to avoid pooling on the bottom of the kettle.

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