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According to Beer Advocate, This is when the beer has been exposed to ultraviolet light for a period of time. Hop-derived molecules, called isohumulones, are basically ripped apart. So unless you're adding hops to your starter (which you shouldn't be), light shouldn't be much an issue.


Really depends if you use hops or not. I always put a few pellets in for thier antimictobial properties. And it depends when and how you pitch your starters. Light + hops would be bad If your starter is just to reduce lag time ie pitching it at high krausen. While this is common it's mostly of those that have never tasted a starter and ignorantly add all ...


UV wavelengths do not penetrate glass. It is more likely that visible wavelengths catalyze photodegrading reactions of the dissolved organic carbon, the stuff leaching out of the hops included.

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