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I believe that the short answer is yes, artificial light can cause sun damage too. Ultra-violet light is cited as the primary spectrum/wavelength/frequency that has the biggest impact, and while direct sunlight is going to have much more of it and therefore be more detrimental over time, light bulbs generally emit a certain amount of UV too. From what I've ...


This Wired article may help shed some light on wavelengths and bottle colour. http://www.wired.com/2013/03/physics-and-green-beer-bottles/ Amendment 1 Light in wavelengths of 350 nm to 520 nm (upper UV to mid-visible light) is known to cause skunky beer. Green bottles allow green light (520 nm to 550 nm) to pass through, whereas brown bottles (ranging ...


You can wrap the whole fermentation carboy or bucket in a black plastic trash bag. It stops light and will contain any messy spills or explosions. Be sure to leave the bag open at the top so heat and gas can escape.

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