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Yes, priming sugar is usually added to the carboy or bottling bucket just prior to bottling for ease. However there are "carbonation drops" you can alternately add to each bottle. These are just sugar. You can add more yeast, but it's generally not needed. No, glass carboys are not designed to hold any pressure. Yes, the beer will be flat unless fermentaion ...


Your diacetyl rest should be the last couple days of your primary 1) Yes there should be air lock activity as the added heat will give the yeast a boost in activity to clean up the diacetyl precursors. 2) The idea of a slow approach to lager temp is two fold, 1 to allow c02 production to compensate for gas temp shrinkage and prevent airlock suck back. 2 ...


Here is a video on how to use the Cool Brewing Fermentation cooler.

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