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Here's a quote from homebrewing.org... There are two important processes at work when a beer is in long-term cold-storage: Precipitation: Take a certain amount of liquid, warm it up, and you can obviously dissolve more solids into that same volume. Take that same warm liquid, and cool it down, and the amount of dissolved solids that it can contain ...


The smell of apples is totally normal in beer fermentation. The chemical compound acetaldehyde gives the characteristic green-apple flavor and aroma. It's an intermediate in the synthesis of ethanol from glucose by yeast. Usually warm conditioning is enough to reduce levels to below flavor threshold. Factors like not pitching enough yeast or not ...


The general rule of thumb is that temps above 80F will promote staling and reduce the shelf life of the beer. I doubt that a week or so at that temp or slightly above would be too detrimental, though. I don't think you'll have any problem at all carbing at 78F.


Yes, if you switch your freezer on and off in quick succession the compressor gives up the ghost and you have a box that can actually turn into a semi-oven. Good news! thermostats like the STC-1000 have a timer (that you can set) that tells it not to power on/off within that period. I have mine set to 10 minutes. When you buy a temp control device, just ...

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