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I think Bohemian Lager yeast is the one you can use the hottest. Alternatively, make a K├Âlsch (2565 yeast), that looks like a lager, but is in fact an ale :)


You can't brew a lager at room temperature. But if you are asking how to brew a lager without a fridge in a room at ambient temperatures that's different. You have to be very diligent but you can submerse your fermentor in a larger container/bin of water. Filling the exterior bin up with some water to cover most of the sides of the fermentor with water ...


Almost certainly No. 30C will kill most of your lager yeast, they are not very prolific above about 25C. At a 30C room temp you would be best of trying to make a full flavoured fruity Belgium with banana aromas bursting forth, using a good Belgian strain. I agree with @jsled you would be best off getting a small fridge and placing your fermenter in there. ...


Perhaps, but I don't know how. If you reduce the amount of yeast, you'll only create more off-flavors as the now-stressed yeast need to use all their metabolic reserves up in reproduction, rather than fermentation. Trying to reduce the time of fermentation doesn't really work that way. Yeast are going to produce most of their flavor compounds (and off ...

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