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The problem seamed to be related to the raising temperature in the spring. When I started brewing it was January and the temperature was changing daily from 18°C to 23°C. When my Kombucha got thick the temperature was changing daily from 20°C to 26°C. Just trimming the scoby didn't solve the problem. After I moved my container into a cooler room (19°C) my ...


Don't add anything with oils (eg. herbs, herbal and fruit teas) to your initial brew. The flavours will stay in your scoby and the oils will go rancid and impair future brews. Add it to your bottles for the secondary ferment and just remove or sieve before serving.


Yes, it will probably be related to the large Scoby. Either trim the scoby, or use a larger container. That seems a very short ferment too though. What size is your scoby, and what volume of tea are you using?


Probably caused by the larger SCOBY, next time round trim down the SCOBY and try again. If it smells OK and tastes OK then you are most likely fine, if it has sulfur notes or anything else unpleasant, then ditch it and start again with a trimmed down SCOBY.

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