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What you're describing is a "gusher infection", wild yeast that can consume normally unfermentable sugars like dextrins. Usually leaves a beverage with little body and other issues. In beer after the cap pops a gusher will just usually slowly volcano, taking most the beer with it as foam. Some can over carb so much to vacate the bottle almost instantly. As ...


answer edited. Different SCOBYs contain different biological agents and the makeup can vary. Even the "same" SCOBY varies from environment to environment. However I accept that the most common and traditionally grown kombuchas produce more acetic than lactic acid. So smelling of vinegar can be a normal odour for Kombucha.


Yes it should. To quote Sandor Katz from The Art of Fermentation: 'Many people have observed that the kombucha SCOBY is identical, or virtually so, to the mother-of-vinegar that often forms on the surface of fermenting vinegar. Some have even described kombucha as immature vinegar.' So it's perfectly fine it smells that way (in fact it's an indication ...

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