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Matter cannot be created nor destroyed So really the only calorie loss during fermentation is that in which the yeast burn and what is concentrated from the loss of c02 escaping. Ethanol has 6.9 calories per gram Sugar has 4 calories per gram Here is a calculator If you play with the numbers for ...


Well in your specific kombucha I won’t be able to tell you but I can give you some math that should help you figure it out and should be able to be used by any brewer to figure out the caloric effect of fermentation on your brews. So just to hit you with the math right now and ill break it down later the equation to figure out the change in calories caused ...


Like anything else in life unless you want to drink and serve/drink the final product with the leaves in there pull them out once you've gotten the flavor profile you want before bottling.


Basically, you need something with sugar for the yeast to eat to ferment anything. If you're trying to make Kombucha, you just need sweet tea and a starter SCOBY. Here is a good how-to A scoby is a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). The yeast eat the sugar, making alcohol, and the bacteria eat the alcohol to make a vinegary tasting beverage. ...

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