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Was there any keg lube used? I have had many issues with my kegs not holding pressure when keg lube wasn't used. It helps to lubricate the seals and make a stronger seal than it would using just the seals themselves. It's cheap and the tube will last a long time. If you are unable to find keg specific lube, any silicone based food grade lubricant will work ...


I use a freezer and instead of getting one of those fancy external temperature controllers I changed the major adjustment on the built in thermostat to get in the range of a refrigerator (the lowest it can now get is around 33 degrees Fahrenheit.) I also drilled a hole though the top so I could keep the gas bottle outside. (I don’t have a collar.) This ...


Check for leaks, replace all the o-rings and maybe even the valves. Also get yourself some keg lube and make sure to hit the kegs with high enough pressure to seat the keg lids.

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