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The easiest way: experiment. Take a small glass of beer, dilute to a measured amount and taste. Diluting beer is common in commercial breweries, but they start with the knowledge that the beer will be diluted, so they ensure that they have strong ABV, body and flavours to carry through in the final product. Your chances of just ending up with a watery, low ...


If you absolutely must do this, I would buy an mildly flavored (or similarly flavored) commercial beer with a similar ABV and mix it into your beer. It might even still be good. Serve in pitchers and no one needs to be wiser. If you must add water, you probably need to dilute it with vokda or some other (preferably neutrally flavored spirit) to maintain ...


You don't. Watering down beer is bad idea, because you will end up with something with no taste, no kick etc. You could add vodka or rectified alcohol, and something for taste, but due to tax rules on strong liquor in most countries it would be far cheaper to simply buy more beer.

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