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As long as everything gets cleaned and dried, there should be no special precautions necessary after that for storing them.


Once items are empty, give them a thorough washing to remove any debris. After the washing, use a sanitizer to kill any microbes. Allow everything to thoroughly air dry (hoses may need to be blown out to dry). Once completely dry, cover items with plastic to keep dust off. Keep the items out of sunlight to protect them from UV rays. Prevent plastic items ...


My main concern would be with what's in the extra air volume. If you don't purge it with CO2, a couple things could happen: The O2 in room air could oxidize your beer causing off flavors. There could potentially be microbes in the air that could infect your beer and cause off flavors, although this is rather unlikely. Purging with CO2 will remove the O2 ...


Assuming that the plastic mini keg has been properly cleaned and sanitized, the beer should come out well. I do not know any specific number of times that you can reuse it. You may need to replace seals after a few reuses, and depending on availability, it may just be easier to buy a new plastic mini keg. The mini keg itself shouldn't wear out though ...

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