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Racetrack keg lids are straight on the long sides, whereas standard keg lids are curved all the way around. Images help. This is a standard keg lid. This is a racetrack keg lid. If there are any straight lines on your keg lid opening then it's probably a racetrack.


Had a similar problem. Could not figure out what was happening. One night, when pouring a beer and standing around the kegerator all of a sudden the regulator starts spewing out CO2 and turns white from the cold gas!! Did this for about 8 seconds and quit. Replaced the regulator and have not had an issue since.


I've tried doing exactly what you describe, without using counter-pressure to fill the growlers. While you can carbonate the beer just fine, at room temperature you'll get so much foaming during transfer (no matter how long your lines are) that it'll probably end up as flat as it was before carbonation by the time you're drinking it. You could try it with ...


Yes. The relation between temperature, pressure and volumes of CO₂ are true at higher-than-fridge temperatures, as well. The biggest difference is that with the higher pressure required for the carbonation at the higher temperature, you'll need longer beer serving lines to resist the extra pressure to get a reasonable pour without foaming. Let's say ...

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