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I don't see a problem, and I can't see it being any different or more difficult than using a standard refrigerator. All you need to worry about is the coolant lines, which you'd have to worry about with a regular fridge anyway. I can't imagine wine fridges are any more complicated. One thing to consider is temp. My wine fridge only goes down to 50F, so make ...


Option 1: Kegerator. Can be bought or built (google for DIY Kegerators and you will see many more options). Building gives you the option to find a fridge that fits into a random corner and holds the amount of kegs you require. Chest freezers (keezer) make great kegerators and they can still be a table. Option 2: Store the kegs in the attic, run pipes to ...


Not sure what your setup is, but depending on your setup and if you were desperate and handy you could store a beer fridge/freezer in some sort of non-living area and, assuming it's close where you want to drink, run tubing and shanks through the walls. I saw something similar years ago on a brewing forum where the guy put a beer freezer in a utility room ...


Sounds like you need to carve out some space in the living room for a simple two tap towered mini fridge. Professionally made ones can be quite attractive and will normally hold two kegs and the CO2 tank.

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