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I've successfully made wine in corny kegs and had the wine keep for many years. I use Nitrogen to pressurize the keg, which doesn't dissolve into the beer and provides an inert atmosphere.


It's absolutely possible to do so. The main thing you have to watch out for is oxidation. A bottle of wine, once opened, is going to be consumed fast enough for oxidation to not be a problem. A cask/barrel will not (unless you're a true champ at drinking wine). The trick is to introduce an inert atmosphere above the wine as it's dispensed at low enough ...


Just to be clear this is regarding steel or aluminium kegs... in the end they'll all fail at a high enough pressure but will they explode or will they leak first (not everything explodes)? In mechanics terms are they a thin walled or thick walled vessel. The thicker the wall is the stronger it could be but also longer the cracks are that can grow in it as ...

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