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I'm not certain about grams per gallon (why are you mixing metric and english?). The general rule for wine (and probably cider as well) is one campden tablet or 1/8th tsp of k-meta per gallon. According to wikipedia one campden tablet typically weighs .44 grams and 10 campden tablets equals 1 tsp of k-meta so I'd guess between .44 and .55 grams of k-meta ...


One tablet in one gallon of must yields 150 ppm total sulfur dioxide. Those instructions are on the bottle of Campden tablets, which are potassium metabisulfite. Here's a source for Campden tablets. It is common to use Campden tablets in wine, mead, and sometimes cider. It is less typical to use in beer, although it can be. Potassium Sorbate also has ...

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