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I made a great Falconers Flight IPA using no chill last winter. I simply added a sufficient bittering charge 40-50 IBUs at 60 minutes. Then added 3 oz of pellets at Flameout. Put the lid on and walked away. I transferred to the fermentor the next day. With a couple days left in fermentation I added another 2 oz of FF pellets to the fermentor. 5 days ...


I'd suggest you do a basic bittering addition, then do a massive "flameout/cube" hopping, like 3-4oz of something pungent. Ferment with a clean yeast, and that will give you some idea of a baseline for non-dry-hopped hop aroma and flavor. I did this basically with EKG once, and it was underwhelming, but good hoppy beers are tough to nail and it could have ...

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