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Condensation is usually caused by opening the kegerator and letting warmer, more humid air in. However, getting a good seal and good insulation on your kegerator is important for keeping your energy usage to a minimum. After all, running a kegerator can be spendy. Silicone or latex caulk are relatively easy to apply and give a good seal. Insulating the ...


I also use a converted keg for my mash-tun and swear by Reflectix foil coated bubble insulation. This stuff comes in rolls from the big box hardware stores, isn't too expensive and the 24" roll is exactly the right width to be wrapped around the keg multiple times. I cut slits in it to account for the thermometers and valves and also have a couple of disks ...


You can get a whole bunch of armaflex and wrap it around the mash tun. I think the stuff looks cool to and plan I using it for my hot liquor tank.

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