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I realize this is five years old, but I came across it while searching for the same question, so I'll throw in my two cents in case it helps. First thing, most LMEs are hopped and most DMEs are unhopped, so you might use both to dial in the bittering. Second thing, it seems it's easier to find lighter DMEs than LMEs, so you might use LME for the bulk of ...


I buy whole coriander and use a mortar and pestle to crack the shells before adding it to the boil. Whole coriander keeps longer and will give a fresher aroma than pre-ground. To grind it at home, a coffee grinder would probably be overkill. You only need to break the shells. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, you can use a meat tenderizing hammer (or ...


You'll get the best flavor if you use whole, and coarsely crack it before adding.


I say, "Yes, let's have us a pepper party!" #hotdrunk

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