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I really, really hate when this happens: I'm sure most of you know how to fix it.


Yeah bro, it looks like lactobacillus, it's a little yellow though so maybe it mold. Lacto usually looks white. I have some lacto going on right now, let me get a picture for you. Did you boil the chips first to sanitizes them, although the whiskey should have done the trick? It's probably a little sour now, or a lot who knows until you taste it. I'd ...


Yes, a beer can still get infected when its SG is below 1, though it will be a much less hospitable environment than higher SG beers since the available nutrients will be less. A finished beer with a specific gravity of 0.996 actually does have residual unfermented/unfermentable extract, which some microbes can make use of to grow. I don't know what your ...

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