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Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need a hydrometer like you need sanitizer. You use a hydrometer to find out how efficiently sugars were extracted from your grains. Since you likely used extract, that's built into the recipe (it should be listed). You'll probably want something to check to see if the fermentation has completed by verifying that the ...


Yes, but it is expensive to buy the toys, as M__ said. To send the beer away for tests is also expensive. In the words of the great Charlie Papazian: Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew. OG is not important. FG is important as it will help confirm that your beer has finished fermenting. Go to your local homebrew store and get two hydrometers. :) I hope ...


If it was an extract batch, it's easier to calculate the OG than to measure it. If it was all grain and you know your efficiency, we can calculate it pretty closely from the recipe.


Digital alcohol meters exist to replace hydrometers, but they are not cheap. http://shop.anton-paar.com/wwd-en/snap-40.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwndqrBRC16IyeqPicp3ASJAB-vB-cx3JTp5sIaZrOPR_onFhWnL0uzT7EiAGICwwiSd3ZgBoCxXHw_wcB What I would do instead, if brew day is not too far gone, is rush to the store to get a new hydrometer and measure approximatively from ...

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