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Tomorrow night I'll be conducting an experiment of my own. I'll be making three seperate 1 gallon batches just using some free LME I came across. 1st gallon I'll drop all of one ounce of Cascade Hops at the beginning of a 60min boil. 2nd gallon I'll do a hop schedule outing the 1 oz in over the course of the hour. 3rd gallon I'll be doing no hops, and once ...


This is a totally normal active fermentation. It won't be flocculated yeast at this point, so much as break protein and hop material.


The biggest provider of homebrew supplies in Europe is brouwland.com. They are located in Beverlo, Belgium and are a supplier for nearly every online retailer in continental Europe. Most online retailers I have tried to use charge fairly hefty shipping fees on international parcels, so depending on where you live (or where you want your hops shipped to), ...


Centennial will give a pronounced grapefruit flavor.


Citra is a good bet for grapefruit aromas. Check this link for a nice tool to help with hopping your beers https://www.hopunion.com/aroma-wheel/

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