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Nugget is a little lower on the alpha side, so that may work. But I agree with mdma, adjust the amount of hops being used and/or when they are added.


Could you use less hops, or add them 10 minutes later in the boil? There are lots of hops that are less bitter (weight for weight), but whether they are a good fit depends upon the recipe. Sorry this isn't directly answering your question, but I think you can get what you are looking for (less bitterness) without having to substitute.


While some claim that the addition of hops to their beer have contributed to contamination, it is quite rare considering how hops are anti-microbial in nature. While not having any way of confirming it, I would suspect contamination on those situations occurred due to some other unsanitary practice (didn't sanitize the bag, weights, or it was already ...


There is no need to stir your beer after dry hopping. Especially when you consider, that in your scenario, you will definitely be racking the beer yet before it reaches it's final storage destination (keg/bottle). RE: contamination, just make sure your sachet is sanitized, and when you open the sealed hop bag, use sanitized hands/scissors, and then pour ...


Bitterness is not linear throughout the boil, so you cannot assume that it will be twice as bitter after 60 minutes vs. 30 minutes. I'm also not sure that you're going to get a great sense of the bitterness in the partially-boiled wort vs. the finished beer, but I don't have a really compelling argument as to why not. But I'm not understanding something ...


All hops contribute both aroma and bitterness in varying degrees. Grouping them into 4 hard categories is somewhat arbitrary. In general they are grouped as aroma vs bitterness, but if you wanted to you could simply use more "aroma hops" early in your boil and still end up more bitterness (and vice versa).


This chart shows the different components of a large variety of different hop types: (Linked file for high resolution) I found the chart on this blog post about hops but actually I originally saw it at the London Beer Lab, who do an awesome course on brewing (we were the audience for their prototype course, which was pretty cool). Basically, above the ...

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