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Like CharlieHorse said, it really doesn't matter much what you use. Although I would like to put in a small caveat, it is worth paying a little attention to what hops you're using together. This guide from Brew Your Own or this guide from Beer Advocate or any other guide available online will describe in broad terms what to expect from the different hops. ...


I'm going to pass on a secret about homebrewing... The hop bill isn't all that important unless you're trying to recreate something. For instance, I keep a few cheap hops on hand (a few dollars a pound) for bittering. I adjust according to the bitterness that I want by the Alpha Acid. As far as the flavoring and aroma hops go, use what you like. ...


Using what you have, and me not being a fan of centennial, I would use. Magnum (bittering) 60min Willamette (flavor) 30min Willamette (aroma) 2min Those should play nicely since Fat Sam seems to be a US inspired beer. Adjust your hop weights to match the IBU potential of the original hops using the new hops AA%

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